Stick discussion

How should the 'primary' bug-item (BI) be displayed? -- harningt Is there any sane way to integrate w/ email client since they already speak RFC 2822?... or would this lead to trouble. -- harningt

How should the 'main' BI be handled... the one that marks the 'head' subject/etc.. -- harningt

This is determined by a file 'HEAD' which points to the individual bug item that is the head.

How should BI merges be handled, particular WRT ordering/'head' subjects? -- harningt

This will be handled with the repository merge algorithms generally requiring user intervention for
determining which item should be the head.  This can probably be helped with some sort of UI
in the future.

Distribution... how should modifications to a BI be ordered (last one for specific history is active)? -- harningt

Currently it will be handled by merely using the date.  In the future, a sequence file could
determine relative ordering.