Got a Wii!

We finally decided to get a Wii with the introduction of the Wii Fit.

I have to say that even though it's technically inferior to the more expensive and graphics-intensive XBox360 and Playstation 3... it more than makes up for it in unique gameplay. What other game system integrates Bluetooth, accelerometers, pressure sensors, hardware-accelerated crypto and Wifi into a unified experience that also brings legacy games to the table?

The $40 Wiimote packs quite a bit into the little white shell. It's packed with an infrared camera, 3-direction accelerometers, Bluetooth connectivity, and an extensible IO port to connect w/ a "Nunchuck" or "Classic Controller".

The Wii Fit brings what is called the "Balance Board" as a fourth controller to handle a series of pressure sensors to gauge balance and weight. More proof that an extensible Bluetooth-enabled console can be quite effective for creating entirely novel input devices to the table without kludges.

Look for more posts related to Wii games and other neato things.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention the lil' story of how we got the high-demand/low-supply system two weeks ago. We went to Meijer to check if they potentially had any Wii's available... and they didn't really have any. However, someone had JUST returned one and a worker was bringing it back. Lucky us that someone didn't want their Wii... for no apparent reason, since it wasn't even opened.

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